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David Dixon

David paints using water based mixed media to portray the light and colour that pervades the land, sea and sky surrounding St.Davids. Coupled with the innate sense of the ancient that imbues the St.Davids peninsula with a unique sense of place, he finds a never ending source of inspiration.

In his paintings form is often secondary to the effects of light and colour.

To complement the original paintings, each frame is hand painted by the artist.

Freya Dixon

Freya's work is a synthesis of colour, texture and form inspired by nature. Thus Freya's works are her very personal interpretation of the fragments of nature that surround her home in St.Davids.

Working with textiles and hand dyed fabrics and fibres, a variety of stitches and beads, no two works are ever the same.

To complement each original work the frames are hand painted by Freya.

Freya also makes hand made cards, utilising some of the above techniques. .

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